To realize, preserve and propagate the body of truths known as the Ageless Wisdom.

To promote the view that the Universe and all that exists within it are one interrelated and interdependent - whole based on the understanding that the essential brotherhood and sisterhood of all  life stems from the idea of the divine source of all.

To promote understanding and brotherhood among people of all nationalities, religions, races, castes, colour and philosophies, through devotion to truth, love for all living beings and a commitment to a life of active altruism.

To assist in the Divine Plan for human self transformation, through the empowerment of the Higher Self and the hastening of the cultural, psychological and spiritual unfolding of humanity.

To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the ancient mysteries, and develop the power of intuition.

To inspire and uplift the minds of leaders and principal agents in the fields of religion, sciences, economics, education, politics and the arts; to change from having a totally materialistic view, to a more balanced outlook that would appeal to the highest in human nature.

To provide a sanctuary for like - minded individuals who are firmly commited to active altruism, pursuit of  truth and transformation of humanity, to fulfill their vision and aspirations of creating a better world.

To promote scientific research into holistic systems of prevention of illnesses, healing the sick and assisting the ailing.

To promote the spread of knowledge, so as to overcome educational, social, health and ecological problems.

To inspire transformed individuals to permeate the global atmosphere with love and goodwill and participate fully in the Celebration of Life and Beauty.