Ancient Wisdom is timeless. Founders of all great religions have taught the ageless aspects of its knowledge. This wisdom is ancient and yet very modern - in tune with today's search for a world-view to integrate the overwhelming burst of knowledge in present times. Furthermore, new developments in science have corroborated many of the key ideas that are basic to this philosophy.

There are no short cuts to solve difficult and complex problems. But there is a long-range view of eventual fulfillment for all people, given out in the teachings of Ancient Wisdom. Its concepts re-establish purpose and meaning in the universe and in us and give one a firm foundation on which to build one's life - the deep, partially conscious urge within each person to move on, to progress, to realize one's potential. Understanding the knowledge given out by Ancient Wisdom we comprehend more of ourselves, the essential truths of timeless ideas and their directive power in our life.

In all ages, and all lands, the belief has existed that a divine degree of knowledge is possible to human beings under certain conditions; and, as a corollary to this, the conviction has dwelt in the hearts of people that living sages exist who possess this knowledge. In ancient days, some of this higher knowledge was taught in the Mystery-Schools, traces of which have been found among all the nations of the earth. In more modern days, its existence has been suspected by intuitive thinkers, who have called it by various names, such as the
Wisdom-Religion or the Esoteric-Philosophy.