Transformation is the power of Love in action. It is indispensable to those who choose to evolve at a faster rate, inspired to help humanity raise its consciousness to the point where it is less under the pull of the personality. It is the empowering of Love - Energy directed towards Super - human evolution.

Transformation is the radical inner change whereby a state of Wisdom and Unselfish Love allows for the transcendence of the limitation of the egoistic mind, propelled by an expanding Consciousness.

A Transformed individual helps in expediting the evolutionary rate at all lower levels of humanity, influencing not only the spiritual outlook but also the political, economic, religious, social and scientific thinking among the people, that individual come into contact.

Ancient Wisdom affirms and modern research confirms that the unfoldme
nt of consciousness is the main impetus behind the evolution of life. It cannot be disputed that there appears to be a self conscious, purposeful force, directing a movement, towards some goal in all forms of life - mineral, vegetable, animal and finally
human - where the progressing life force even when the form it occupies dies, merely withdraws from that form and passes into a higher and subtler form.

Evolution is a universal process - an inevitable process. It is a Law that governs all life whether in form or consciousness - ever moving upwards, ever reaching towards its potential. An awakened consciousness which is beyond the instrumentation of the brain, beyond intellect, perceives and cognizes the life - force.

The purpose behind every human manifestation is that of putting right every wrong done and of going through a process of transformation to become embodiments of love, compassion and wisdom. Only through a world-wide revolution in human awareness and consciousness can we bring about this transformation, so necessary to realise Universal Unity, to feel oneness with all forms of Life, to understand the Inner Being - the Higher Self. What we need to do is not merely aim at controlling the forces of Nature but rather of the baser human nature. The distance between your inner reality and yourself is only you.